Edge Computing: Deployment, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What Do You Understand About Edge Computing?

  • According to Gartner’s report, by 2022, 50% of enterprise-generated data would be generated and processed outside of centralized cloud data centers via edge computing.
  • Based on IDC’s Worldwide Edge Expenditure Guide, enterprise & service provider spending on software, hardware, and services around edge solutions will expand at a rapid pace through 2025, reaching around $274 billion.

Edge Computing & Relationship with Cloud

Why is Edge Computing Gaining Popularity?

  • Supports the automation of all business processes
  • Motivates operational capabilities
  • Presents a less costly strategy to achieve scalability
  • Better performance & security across all devices
  • Lowers bandwidth to offer low transmission cost

Use Cases of Edge Computing

A. Edge Computing in Smart Homes

B. Edge Computing in Fitness Tracker

Advantages of Edge Computing

  • Improved security by dispersing processing and storage across a wide array of devices
  • Edge computing offers improved speed and lower latency to permit faster data processing
  • Delivers a cost-effective path to scalability and adaptability, thereby permitting businesses to enhance their computing abilities

Disadvantages of Edge Computing

  • For a business to stay on track, data is the king in every manner. When the data/information is gathered at the edge server, it becomes imperative to thoroughly check for compliances & regulations.
  • The networked architecture of edge computing increases known attacks. Such a system is susceptible to security flaws and malware infiltration.
  • As more data is secured at the edge, more computers are required. As a result, the bandwidth must be increased. The implementation of edge computing necessitates the balancing of network bandwidth.

How is QA Crucial in Edge Computing?

  • Edge software
  • Edge hardware
  • Edge gateway
  • Interconnection
  • Cloud
  • Data syncing
  • Unit testing
  • API testing
  • Performance testing
  • Database testing
  • Integration testing
  • Security testing



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