How Can Visual Testing Be Used to Assist Functional Testing?

  • Physical position and rendering of UI elements
  • Compatibility with cross browsers and operation systems
  • Final look and feel of the application’s UI

Visual Testing vs Functional Testing: Why We Need Visual Testing?

Functional Testing

  • Action: Check products selected in the cart
  • Assertion: all products in the cart are selected before proceeding
  • Assertion: all discounts if applicable are applied
  • Assertion: the total price of all products is reflected at the end

How do we implement functional assertions?

Visual Testing

How do we implement visual assertions?

How does Visual Comparison Work?

How do we use visual assertions in functional testing?

  • Functional assertions check all possible variables on an application’s UI to ensure it has the correct value
  • Visual assertions compare a screenshot image of the same UI against a manually verified baseline screenshot



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