Leverage the Potential of DevOps with CI/CD

Enabling CI/CD For Your Enterprise Systems

  • Developing the right mindset toward CI/CD throughout the organization
  • Picking the right tools for the job

Adopting the Right Attitude to CI/CD approach

Picking the Right Tools for the Job

  • What elements of your application, will you wish to integrate?
  • Do you require deployments? And how many individuals will be involved in the code’s development?
  • Developers should establish a pipeline that runs from code check-in to testing to production. Because both developers and testers know what stage the code is in, they will be able to collaborate more effectively on the process.
  • Setting up an array of automated release gates for each environment is the easiest method to accomplish this. This will help to ensure that all bugs are identified before they are introduced into your production environment.
  • Enterprises should also keep track of how long it takes jobs to run in CI/CD settings so that you can improve the overall process. The longer something takes to run, the more expensive it becomes — and the less time your team has available to develop new features or resolve faults.

Continuous Testing Challenges & Ways to Overcome Them

  • Challenges arise due to miscommunication or any kind of cultural and communication barriers. By enabling effective coordination, collaboration, and understanding of various scenarios in the SDLC team, in short, proper management is all its needs to break such roadblocks.
  • The emphasis should be on keeping it simple and logical while reducing superfluous and expensive testing strategies. Instead, the energy might be directed towards more relevant test objects, yielding far superior and measurable findings.
  • Feedback is really important in maintaining the quality of the end product. By putting testing at all the levels of Quality Assurance (QA) and development it would create a continuous feedback chain to developers for software improvement.
  • Automation can make it easier to deploy Continuous Testing in DevOps. Although perfect automation is not possible, the more process automation is achieved, the easier it is to carry out Continuous Testing.
  • The final considerable point is enabling intelligence programs and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for solving complex problems and thinking beyond automation at each software production delivery stage to boast the software development life cycle (SDLC).



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