Manage Business Risks with Continuous Testing

Business Assurance with Continuous Testing

What is the Need for Continuous Testing?

  • Continuous testing helps to integrate technology, process, and people deep into the development lifecycle with the objective of preparing an effective pipeline to build the final output. This might be considered the appropriate approach, the right techniques, or the proper toolset, but continuous testing must include all of them.
  • Working as a single, quality-focused department is critical to success for every organization, as it is incorporating as much as workable into the pipeline’s early phases. Eliminating the need to test everything at the end, even if it’s all test automation, keeps the testing lifecycle efficient.
  • Risks can be mitigated if they are visible in the early stage. Continuous testing offers businesses prior visibility over risk with quick feedback to address such errors. Not responding to such risk can affect even the most basic quality operations, such as defect management and reviews.
  • Continuous testing, in general, takes your past, your ways of working, and your circumstance and applies efficiency to them, using tools, process upgrades, and new talents to boost efficiency and, hence, time to market.



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