5 Best Practices for Salesforce Testing

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  1. Begin testing during SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
  2. Use the proper testing tools
  3. A brief summary of the project
  4. Get the right testers
  5. Test case walkthrough sessions should be arranged

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions like Salesforce software help organizations to manage and understand customer interaction. This cloud-based app is extensible, highly configurable, and integrated with many other applications.

The goal of a CRM deployment is to strengthen business and clients' relationships for business growth. Salesforce testing can help you validate your tailored Salesforce integrations and functionalities with other enterprise applications. The perfect test covers all Salesforce modules from accounts to leads, from opportunities to reports, and from campaigns to contacts.

Why Salesforce Testing is required?

  • Verify that the system’s initial build meets the requirement.
  • Find problems during the initial phase while they are easy to fix.
  • Confirm that code and configuration are functional.
  • Verify that the finished system can support the customer’s business processes.
  • Process builders feature to assist you to check the behavior and working conditions of the system.
  • Functional flow report based on the test cases status, this allows the team to know the functionality of the applications.

Salesforce Testing Types

Best Practices for Salesforce Testing

  • Begin testing during SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) — Involve the QA team in the project from the very beginning. This will help software testers understand the software requirements. It will also benefit in predicting future issues at a lower cost. Another benefit of having the test team start early in the SDLC is that the risk of having a short time for testing is reduced. This supports the testing and QA team to increase their test coverage and the kinds of tests performed.
  • Use the proper testing tools — There are loads of Salesforce testing tools that one can use for the thorough testing process. The Salesforce test management tool like Panaya ForeSight is crucial for your testing process and makes it easy to manage your critical project. When you are performing Salesforce functional testing, both Apple and Android provide simulators for you to test on, and Selenium is a great tool for Salesforce test automation.
  • Summary of the project–A clear testing guide and a brief summary of the project will save your precious time. This will also give a proper background of what the project is and the features they will be testing.
  • Get the right testers–Salesforce functional testing needs techies with real Salesforce experience and expertise. For instance, when considering Salesforce UAT testing or regression testing, you should get the right tester with good experience in UAT and regression tests.
  • Test case walkthrough sessions should be arranged — Once the testing team is involved during the primary phases of the project, they will have ample time to increase test coverage. After preparing the test cases, a formal walkthrough session must be required in which the author of the test cases explains the test cases to the concerned stakeholders. Sharing the test cases with the development team before the implementation stage can help developers to assess the failure in their code.

Following these practices can improve UAT and functional testing for your projects. It will also give the team confidence that the work they perform is being thoroughly tested.

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