Top 5 Mobile Application Testing Tools

Mobile Application Testing Tools | ImpactQA
Mobile Application Testing Tools | ImpactQA

The number of mobile users is growing exponentially and is projected to reach the 5 billion mark, according to Statistica. Besides, several starts-up businesses are based on mobile applications. However, among users, popular apps are communication (10%), gaming (10%) solutions, and social media (40%).

Modern tech-savvy users always demand perfect apps. According to a new survey by Gartner, Inc, as user application touch points increase in frequency, modification in modalities and expand in device type, the future of app development, is the multi-experience.

This explosive growth has exposed a variety of challenges that makes testing a key requirement. Around half of the bad reviews on the app store concerns with things like app download issues, crashes, and poor performance.

That’s why comprehensive mobile application testing is required. Mobile application testing services help ensure long-term success in creating apps for big companies and startups. Mobile application testing enables app makers to check for usability, security, consistency, and functionality.

Benefits for Testing Mobile Apps:

· High accuracy of the test results

· Simple bug replication

· No false positives

· The qualities like geolocation, push notifications, battery drainage, devices built-in sensors are easy to test

· Ability to test a mobile app in real conditions

· Ability to test incoming interrupts (calls, SMS)

5 Best Mobile App Testing Tools for Android & iOS

There are many platforms and OSs, a variety of testing scenarios, and network connections in the picture for mobile applications. Android & iOS are well-accepted mobile operating systems. Several mobile testing tools are available these days to help testers automate their test scripts.

Choosing the accurate mobile app testing tools for your apps is imperative to the success of the project:

  1. Appium

· Appium is one of the most preferred open-source mobile app testing tools. It allows the automation of native, mobile web, and hybrid apps across Android and iOS platforms

· It helps to improve both test execution and test development.

· The major highlight of this tool is that it supports Chrome or a built-in browser app on Android and Safari on iOS

2. Robotium

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· It is an Open-Source tool designed for Android UI testing

· Robotium is an Android automation testing framework that aid for hybrid and local apps.

· With the test contents, it also allows composing the function, framework, and user acceptance test conditions.

· Synchronize effortlessly with Maven or Ant for running tests as the main aspect of continuous integration.

· System Requirements: Eclipse for building the Test project, Android SDK, JDK (Java Development Kit), ADT (Android Development Kit), Latest Robotium Jar file

3. Calabash (Android and iOS)

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· It is an automated acceptance testing framework supported by Xamarin and we can contrast it with Selenium Web Driver

· Calabash is used to perform automated functional testing for mobile native apps

· It can also provide the APIs for specialized for touch screening experiences

· Calabash comprises two open-source libraries like one for iOS & another for Android for testing hybrid and native apps

· It works well with Java, Ruby, Flex, .NET, and several other programming languages

4. UI Automator

  • This tool is an open-source mobile test framework. UI Automator allows testing the UI using automated functional test cases

· It has been recently expanded by Google. It seamlessly interacts with all Android software and apps.

· It works perfectly with all devices that support any version and others that are released after 4.1.

· Besides, this tool can lock and unlock a smartphone or a tablet

5. See Test by Experitest (Android and iOS)

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· SeeTest Automation testing tool is a fully commercial and preferred mobile testing tool for the tester designed by Experitest.

· It offers automated mobile app tests on BlackBerry, Android, Windows and iOS Phone on real devices & emulators

· See Test can easily support responsive UI testing and continuous integration environment

· It can easily integrate seamlessly with industry open-source tools, i.e. Selenium and Appium, to run tests across a range of the web browser and mobile devices.

Being a leading mobile app testing company, ImpactQA closely analyzes the upcoming trends of the industry. If you are gearing up to test your solution but do not know where to begin, call our experts for professional help.

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