Top 7 Agile Testing Trends to Focus in 2021

ImpactQA — Top 7 Agile Testing Trends to Focus in 2021

Shift-Left Approach

  • Reduced time-to-market for early release
  • Quick identification of bottlenecks to avoid software failures
  • Deliver high performing software under minimalistic time
ImpactQA — Agile Testing in Software Development

Quality Engineering

  • Deliver quick feedback on the software product since continuous testing is performed covering diverse platforms and operating systems
  • Reduced software failures and availability of early feedback

Agile Test Management

  • Enable team members to trace testing efforts and enhance collaboration
  • reduce the presence of bugs and speeds up the release of high-quality software
  • Trims down feedback latency present between testers and developers; ensuring real-time feedback

Continuous Testing

  • Alleviates software failure concerns by early detection
  • Improves software quality via ongoing reviews and reports
  • Optimize test suites to highlight business risks

Lean Portfolio Management

  • Improves alliance between organizational strategy and individual projects
  • Refines business value to evolve clarity about the software ready for release
ImpactQA — Agile Testing & DevOps Approach
DevOps Approach in Agile Testing

DevOps Approach

  • Establishes the right collaborative culture
  • Integrates coding and testing processes by ensuring the testing of each code change
  • Integrates operations within the team with a purpose to lessen downstream testing concerns

Agile Supported by AI & ML

  • Delivers precise insights on better approaches for creating testing code
  • Assessment of code and associated tests to eliminate bugs
  • Incorporation of innovative technologies for augmenting software development & time-to-market



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