What is the Role of Software Testing in Cyber Security?

ImpactQA — Role of Software Testing in Cybersecurity
ImpactQA — Software Testing and Cybersecurity

What makes Software Testing Important?

Penetration Testing & Its Impact on Cyber Security

  • Smart System Security: Penetration testing is a smartly designed arrangement for examining security well before a hacker makes an attempt. It is only through penetration testing tools one can replicate actual cyber attacks for carefully spotting security vulnerabilities.
  • Highlight Weak Segments: If we are able to recognize the weak links within the software, then the chances of safeguarding records, personal credentials, cardholder data, etc, can be prominently increased. To be precise, penetration testing makes use of security vulnerabilities to structure an effective protection plan and prevent future cyber attacks.
  • Network Security Assistance: Penetration test also plays an important role in network security. With a dynamic approach of these tests, you can quickly recognize potential security vulnerabilities beforehand. In addition, information related to security compliance, security team response time, etc, can also be acquired.

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